Short Review Means I’m Still Speechless: Wreck-It Ralph Review

With the amount of videogame titles (not to mention snack foods) incorporated into Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, from an easter egg standpoint, it was already guaranteed to deliver. But what about in terms of story?

Minutes into the movie, we’re introduced to the land of videogame characters. The varied cast interacts with each other in a way similar to that of the toys in Toy Story, except switch out Andy’s room with an arcade where all the videogame characters intermingle through means of their shared plug outlet. Within the shared videogame world, amazingly enough, is an established set of rules/game logic that helps push the story forward, never once contradicting itself—a difficult task when dealing with such an “anything goes” mentality of videogames in general.

We’re introduced to Ralph, who’s been a certified wrecker/antagonist for the arcade game “Fix-It Felix Jr.” for a good 30 years now, and by this point in his life, he’s starting to consider what it means to be a bad guy and how much better his life would be if he was simply made to be a hero instead. It’s a rather simple concept that ends up being executed exquisitely. Rather than being too caught up in standard definitions for “good” and “bad,” Wreck-It Ralph understands and acknowledges that living by “how you’re programmed” is a murky topic and as such takes a cautious, yet satisfying, approach to the subject.

But what I especially loved about the movie was the progression of its story. What initially comes off as a gag or minor detail is not only mentioned again later in the story, but helps flesh out the plot significantly. It reaches the point that you can really tell just how much time and effort was put into the story’s structure.

I feel like I’ve kept the review incredibly vague, but I swear that’s only because I was so taken away by this movie and to delve further into it would only give spoilers. Just watch it and you’ll see.

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