The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer 2 Dissection

I just had to.

Trailer No. 2 for The Amazing Spider-Man’s out and boy howdy, did it deliver. While the first trailer was an awkward mix of old (okay, spider bite makes you Spidey… we get it) and new (Pete’s parents, ah-whaaa?), trailer 2 focuses more on everything that sets this reboot apart from the Raimi films that will (hopefully) lead to a good movie overall that doesn’t have to rely on the same tricks that its predecessors did.

I don’t know much about the Stacys except well… they die. Or at least Gwen and her dad do. The question on most Spidey fans’ minds now is when. Would the Goblin show up in the sequel and kill them then? Would they die in some completely unrelated-to-the-comics fashion in this first movie? Are they even gonna die at all?

Honestly, with Uncle Ben’s death practically guaranteed for this movie, I feel like that alone is enough supporting cast deaths for one single movie. Save the death of the Stacys for the sequel and give the story the respect it deserves.

Quick shot is quick.

Really digged Pete actually doing experiments in the basement that is his nerd cave. We didn’t get much of that in the Raimi films, since he’s sent off to college midway through the first film, so it’s a nice change of scenery. Sure, we’d get bits of nerdiness through Tobey Maguire’s overall performance, but the image of Pete the shutin nerd was never really driven home for me. This, I like.

This is fine, I guess. When retelling Spidey’s origin, it’s just unavoidable that there’ll be times where you’ll be like “yeah, I’ve seen this already.” Let’s just hope Marc Webb’s aware of this and tries to cut down the number of times it happens.

Additional sidenote: Having just watched the first Spidey movie for the sake of crazy fan blogger comparisons, just when did the media’s depiction of bullies change from overly gelled guidos to the shaved look? Just wondering.

This, iunno about. While it’s interesting that they’re using this spidey logo as a means of quirky advertising for the movie itself, I don’t really see how it’d fit into the actual story. Leaving “Friendly Neighborhood” notes is one thing… heck, even the little Spidey-logo light I’ll accept, but this… it just feels like painting it would be a lot more trouble than it’s worth. I mean, isn’t making the suit from scratch already enough arts and crafts for your proverbial plate?

You seriously think I’m a cop? In a skin-tight red-and-blue suit?


Sure, Tobey’s take on Spidey had an occasional quip or two, but this is really what the fans have been waiting for: full on wordy quippage that’d burst the word bubble if it were put in comic form. Really like the tone in Garfield’s voice when he delivers it, too. It gives off a Michael J. Fox kind of vibe (my personal no. 2 choice for Spidey VA in the case that Josh Keaton couldn’t be contacted) that just makes me smile.

Oh, the web shooters. While I do enjoy that they’re sticking closer to the comics by going for mechanical shooters over organic ones, I will say that their design leaves something to be desired. By the looks of things, they flash whenever Pete fires a shot, which seems more like something a Mattel toy would do than something a high schooler would even consider.

… do like the webbing, though. Looks like they’re really bringing home the fact that this stuff is sturdy. You get more of a mini harpoon sound rather than the standard kinda-squirty-kinda-thwippy sound that’s been in previous Spidey incarnations, but it works.

… pretty much the one thing that’ll make fans of the old movies and comics alike bite: the parents. Getting to actually have some kind of backstory on the Parkers that hopefully doesn’t have any clones in it is enough to pique anyone’s Spidey interests, really. From the looks of things, the Parkers (or at least Pete’s dad) were working for OsCorp, which leads to my next cap:

OsCorp has been all over any and all media relating to the movie, and yet the film’s baddie is the Lizard? I get that you have to work your way up to bigger villains, but to give blatant hints at a bigger picture is just being a tease. If anything, I’d think talk of the Parker’s backstory would lead to Venom a la the Ultimate comics line did, but to have the Lizard?

On top of that, we’re unsurprisingly enough treated to only extreme close-ups and shadowy shots of the film’s baddie even though his actual look’s been leaked via toy-related tie-ins. Thoughts on his look: meh. Though the same goes for my thoughts on Spidey’s new (read: phallic) suit, too, so… yeah. Phallic.

Gonna undo that last comment with a shot of some smart stuff.

I feel like it’s always been a problem in movies to convince the audience that smart stuff is actually well… smart. Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight, someone’s putting their cure to cancer on hold to disprove whatever’s on that chalkboard and posting it on their LiveJournal.

Okay, I know the whole “mehr, you’re just a vigilante” shtick’s been done in Batman, Ninja Turtles and I’m sure a million other super-hero titles, but I like it… especially for Spider-Man.

While there were a handful of times in the first Raimi film where Spidey’s gotten some thumbs down from the general public, you were never really given the impression that Spidey was actually bothered by it or that it was even a big enough issue to really care about.

Here, it matters.

Not only is Pete in high-school—a time in your life where general approval from the public is your driving force—but you’ve also got Captain Stacy behind all the cop disapproval who y’know, just happens to be the dad of the film’s leading lady:

Yeah, go watch this movie.

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