“Let’s Enjoy!” Delicious Bump Show ’10

… because I guess even someone like me’s allowed to do (somewhat) college-student-like things every now and then.

For the uninitiated, the Delicious Bump Show is an American concert featuring solely Japanese artists under the Delicious Label. Being a somewhat newb to the realm of listening to Japanese music outside of anime opening and endings, I was somewhat skeptical about attending, but considering that J-Alt band extraordinaire the pillows were the main act, I couldn’t help but pre-order some tickets and drag a buddy o’ mine for the ride.

Taking place in Slim’s, a small-time club about an hour or so from campus, it was obvious that the Delicious Label wasn’t expecting too large of an American fanbase. Still, the outcome was larger than expected, with the crowd probably numbering out to around 50 or so people. The demographic was also an interesting find, with one kid and one old guy amongst a crowd averaging out in age to somewhere probably along their late 20’s to early 30’s. Taking in mind that the pillows are best known for having their music featured in the 2000 Gainax anime series FLCL (raking in a mainly high-schooler fanbase), this makes total sense… though didn’t exactly help my youngling case much.

As expected, the acts were in order of increasing popularity. The first band that played, Pop Chocolat, were performing for the first time in America. And considering that they were an all female band that had to play their J-Pop songs in front of a crowd of American otaku, they did an alright enough job. Second up was monokuro, which very much accented the “rock” in “J-Rock.” Doing some background-checking in the months preceding the show, I couldn’t find anything on Pop Chocolat, and the only songs I could find from monokuro were “meh” at the best. Thankfully, Pop Chocolate was alright enough and monokuro’s general “out-there-edness” and crazy stage presence combined with bits of Engrish to start off each song (“Let’s Go!” “Let’s Enjoy!”)  really made up for my ignorance of both these opening bands. It sure helped that the two of them had the better band shirts available, too.

Third up was noodles, another all female band, albeit somewhat better known. Listening through their songs beforehand, they very much gave off a Sheryl Crow/Liz Phair kind of tone to my pleasure. One of their better known (and requested) songs was “Love My Life,” which was used in a live-action manga adaptation under the same name.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for had arrived: the pillows. From out of nowhere, it seemed like more floor space was made as the crowd started to gang up closer to the stage. Everyone started to whip out their cameras and phones, making a point of saving all their memory for this band alone. Considering I’m talking music here, there really isn’t much I can say until I can get my videos from the show uploaded, but just believe me when I say: pure awesomeness. Knowing fully well that they’re known best for FLCL, the band took no time in getting to their better known songs from the late ‘90s. Though, I honestly would have been fine with music from any of their tracks—yes, I think they’re that good.

To think that a band 20 years in the making is still taking the time to play in such a small venue in the states just blows my mind. Seeing frontman Sawao Yamanako interact with the audience (quite the interesting time seeing some people all the way from New York throwing out a shirt with a song request on it to him) and talk about not caring about age as long as they keep putting out excellent music was something truly inspirational, to be trite.

External References:
– Delicious Bump photos (all mine at the moment ‘cuz I’m that awesome) (facebook)
– Delicious Bump: pillows footage (coming soon once I find out what’s up with my videos not uploading)

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