Final Thoughts: Anime Spring 2013 Season

Following multiple anime as they air is a very strange sensation, especially if most if not all of those titles wrap everything up in one season. What seems like a random mishmash of generally unrelated titles suddenly show some similarities as they decide exactly how they want to wrap things up. Anyways, here’s the run-down on all the shows of the Spring season I actually took the time to watch all the way through.

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Initial Thoughts: Anime Spring 2013 Season

You know how in Pee Wee League Sports when the coach would give awards to everyone on the team regardless of how crappy the player was? This is my anime equivalent of that.

As of late, the Spring 2013 lineup has been the first time in probably ever that I’ve followed so many titles. Now a good three or so episodes into a chosen few, and I feel like some initial thoughts are to be shared. So without any further ado in no particular order…

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