Episodic Reviews: Mystery Inc. 6

Yeah, just ‘cuz I watch TV, doesn’t mean I’ll hit up every episode in a post. If you want devotion like that, go to blogsuki. He’s a zillion times cooler with his own site domain, anyway :D.

Six episodes in and I’m really getting tired of some of the liberties taken with characters. While I’m glad that the stereotype bookworm character has pretty much been faded out in most shows these days (or are at least combined with some other, more interesting, character trait) I really don’t like the direction they’ve gone with Velma’s character. Yes, while the characters were far from complex when first introduced, adding new layers of character with them was a hit or miss type of deal. Adding the detail about the clueless Fred being interested in traps was an interesting touch, and I was even accepting of Daphne’s notch down back to the damsel in distress whenever one was needed for the series, but Velma… bleh. No one likes a cock blocker… especially one who tries to mess with the comedy stylings of Shag and Scoob.

… so apparently I wasn’t the first to immediately think “Gwen Stacy,” according to YouTube posts. Still, seeing her clone kinda makes me hope that the new Spidey series at least does as well as Spectacular did in terms of story-telling. Personally, I’m still holding out on it being a continuation of Spectacular, since I hate series getting cancelled with a cliffhanger ending. Though I guess it wasn’t as bad as Wolverine and the X-Men in which “cliffhanger” doesn’t even come close to fully explaining my thoughts about it. Maybe “hangnail,” since it’s more annoying than anything else. Yeah, that’s clever.

One thing I will give serious props to this series for doing is putting the gang in school. Long gone are the undertones of truancy and much welcome are the themes of off-beatedness. Though, the school setting may or may not fuel the fire of Shag and Scoob’s :er-hem: possession of certain substances. Still: school good, truancy bad.

… am also a fan of references to the original series. The Creeper wasn’t my favorite Scooby baddie, but it’s nice to see at least some kind of in-depth continuation to his story. Here’s to hoping Charlie the Funland robot gets some screentime next!

… and as one mystery comes to a close, another continues. Scratch off Fred being related to one of the lost kids. Daphne, maybe, but I’m pretty sure guys had a tendency of keeping their last names even back in the day. Speaking of which, we never really get any clues as to what day and age the crew’s actually in. Sure, we get cell phones, but I find it hard to believe a whole town being stuck in the seventies fashion-wise. Meh, that’s a mystery to be solved for another day, I guess.

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