I guess the best place to start this would be from the beginning.

Many moons ago, a high schooler in his sophomore year began a personal blog. However, like many social media sites, the website underwent a disgustingly large amount of unnecessary changes, resulting in the high school student to pack his things and move on with his life. Or at least “move on with his life in another realm of the internet.”

6+ years later, I’ve set camp here under the username “DaemonCorps” (or “Gabe” if you prefer something that doesn’t sound like a 12 year old made it inspired by his favorite episode of Digimon). For the most part, I’ve dropped personal blogging in favor of reviews on TV shows, games, or anything that catches my interest. Though I will on occasion write for animationrevelation.com to scratch that “intentionally frustrated blogger” itch.

So that’s the gist of things. If you like what you read, like, comment, and subscribe, or whatever new quirk the internet has to spread internet fame.

(Updated 08/23/12. For all our sakes.)

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