A good chunk of the ReLIFE EDs have been covered by Goose House

relife / goose house
is a fascinating series for a number of reasons. For the uninitiated, it started off as a webcomic by author Yayoiso telling the story of an unemployed 27-year-old given a second chance at a more fulfilling life by entering the ReLIFE program where he’s turned back into a teen to re-live his final year at high school. And if that wasn’t enough of a pull for you, crunchyroll has mirrored its Japanese streaming counterparts and has released the entirety of the anime adaptation Netflix-style for any and all people prone to binge-watching over weekly-viewing.

I’m a bit behind on the anime version myself, but I did notice that episode 2’s Ending Theme had been previously covered by Japanese group Goose House, known for the second Ending Theme in the Silver Spoon anime, and the first Opening Theme in the Your Lie in April anime. Curious, I figured I’d check ReLIFE‘s full list of endings and found that 1) holycrap, there’s a different ED for all 13 episodes, and 2) a whopping 8 of those 13 songs have been covered by Goose House at one point or another, some of which date from back when the group went by “playyouhouse.”

I was initially going to string these together in a long twitter thread, but figured collecting them in a single blog post would be less obnoxious. As such, here’s the list of ReLIFE EDs and their equivalent Goose House cover:

“Iijū Rider” (イージュー★ライダー) by Tamio Okuda (ReLIFE ep 1)


“HOT LIMIT” by T.M. Revolution (ReLIFE ep 2)

“Timing” (Timing ~タイミング~) by Black Biscuits (ReLIFE ep 3)

“Kore wa Watashi no Ikiru Michi” (これが私の生きる道; This is the Way I Live) by PUFFY (ReLIFE ep 5)

“Saudade” (サウダージ) by Porno Graffitti (ReLIFE ep 7)

“Yuki no Hana” (雪の華; Snow Flower) by Mika Nakashima (ReLIFE ep 8)


“Asu e no Tobira” (明日への扉; The Door to Tomorrow) by I WiSH (ReLIFE ep 10)

“Natsu Matsuri” (夏祭り; Summer Festival) by Whiteberry (ReLIFE ep 12)
(ending theme list from ANN)

About daemoncorps
Gabe (daemoncorps) has been writing about anime and the like since 2005, but has been babysat by it for much longer. He primarily spends his days distracting himself on twitter or writing for Fandom Post until he realizes he has a weekly webcomic (tapastic.com/series/scramblebouquet) to work on. He also just finished writing his first full-length graphic novel about unemployment (https://tapastic.com/episode/293804).

One Response to A good chunk of the ReLIFE EDs have been covered by Goose House

  1. Alex Webster says:

    Omg! I’m a massive Goose house fan and I had no idea all of these were from ReLIFE! I’m definitely going to check out the anime now just to sing along to the endings lol. Thanks for making this post!

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