Digimon Tri Episodes 1-4: Twittered

Digimon 00
I think we all know the lyric should be “ON MY LOVE.”

Digimon 01
Not even five minutes into the first episode and we get shots of the Zero-Two cast apparently getting killed by what you could only assume to be an enemy digimon. One of the bigger nitpicks most had when Tri was announced was whether or not it would take into account the events that happened during the second series (including the finale involving what essentially became world peace among digimon and humans). Well… mayyyybe?

Digimon 02
The entirety of Tri episode 1 felt like one major throwback to the original Digimon Adventure special as well as the movie Our War Game. So basically all the best parts of the original. The one thing I really enjoyed from Our War Game was that it made a point of stating that while the main cast have a shared major experience in going through 54 episodes of adventures together, they’re not all that close-knit of a group. They’re essentially Breakfast Club with cute, marketable monster partners.

That makes it all the more depressing when you have Taichi come off as the one person seen in Tri to make a conscious attempt at bringing the gang back together, even if it is for his own agenda (kinda blows my mind that Taichi is still into soccer).

Digimon 04
…add to that the fact that he still keeps his digivice on him, and you can really tell he’s still stuck in the past, like some kind of teenage-equivalent of those war-traumatized vets that insist that they’re still needed. Then again, the rest of the gang apparently keeps their digivice on their person, so maybe they’re all equally broken–a running theme in most if not all Digimon series, really.

Digimon 05
Joe getting left out of the fun has pretty much become a running gag at this point, with them usually showing a brief clip of him getting comically stressed out before continuing with the plot. So to actually have a bit more time on him, showing that he still insists on being studious even though he’s apparently not the best student (almost straight Ds, plus a C and a B?) hits a bit too close to home. Ganbatte, Joe-senpai!

Digimon 11
A similar thing can be said about Koushiro, who was essentially Mr. Exposition when a digimon wasn’t around to do that for the group. I’m not all that big on the Digimon fandom, but from what I have seen, the secondary ship to push for that wasn’t the triangle that was Taichi/Sora/Yamato, was Joe/Mimi, which is strange considering their age gap. So good to know that the actual ship to push for is Koushiro/Mimi instead. Their contrasting personalities is like a more likable version of Miyako (Yolei)/Ken.

Digimon 09Gold Freeza
All the bipedal digimon do the Freeza pose during their transformation sequence.

The sequences in general were pretty much expected to be in Tri, considering how much they were pushed for in the original series, but boy howdy do they interrupt the pacing in the most awkward CG-tastic way possible. I swear, it’s not just nostalgia glasses when I say that the original series’ CG looked way better. Excessive shading will do that.

Digimon 09_3

  1. Crunchyroll subs went with “Gatomon” over “Tailmon,” but still kept the human cast’s names in their original Japanese. That’s such a fan-specific thing to do, and I don’t care because I fall in that camp as well.
  2. I get that Gatomon is already in her Champion form (they call it “Champion” in the Japanese version too, right? I’m sure it’ll get confusing when they start discussing Ultimate and Mega forms), but what a tease, to show Angemon, but not genderswapped Angemon.

Digimon 14
Tri in general seems to be getting a bit caught up in equalling things out for all the digimon. Alongside the Gatomon-Champion-form thing, they gave Palmon her own transformation sequence since she didn’t evolve with the rest of the gang in the second episode, but it resulted in the worst pacing for when Agumon and Gabumon warp (but not really warp?) digivolved just a few minutes later into Omnimon. Not to say that Omnimon ever had a nice, smooth transition into that form in the first place. The only time Omnimon felt non-rushed was in Our War Game and that’s because they had an entire movie that pretty much built up to that single moment.

Digimon 10
The amount of technical prowess on Koushiro’s end isn’t exactly out of character, but it does seem a bit too convenient. Juggling the digimon while they were in the human world was clearly a pain to do in Zero Two, so it makes sense that they were finally like “hey, pokemon has boxes, we can do that, too. Also, I know you gave your iconic goggles to that one kid no one cares about, so here’s some new ones with added features that are way more useful than your flip phone.”

Why do the cast still have flip phones? I know most anime even now still have them over smart phones, but I feel it was a more conscious decision this time around to keep in line with the actual timeline of the series. Then again, it’s Toei, so I feel like that’s giving them too much credit. That and it would mean increasing the chances of Yamato inviting his friends to join his band’s facebook page, which I can’t be down with.

Digimon 12
Casual-wear is becoming the new equivalent of the beach episode. And it’s even better since it’s more equal-opportunity for both genders to look cute! Except for Takeru. Something tells me he’s got a wall in his room full of ridiculous hats to wear as a try-hard way to get his brother to like him. No wonder Hikari was surprised when she found out he was actually popular with the ladies (also, kudos to the writing team on taking away all their sexual tension and re-directing it towards Taichi/Sora/Yamato).

Digimon 13
I like how absolutely everyone ships the two bros with each other, because to do otherwise would mean pinning one of them with Sora which absolutely no one wants. Not to treat Sora as an object to be one, but geez is her indecisiveness wrecking the bromance. Though I will say kudos to the character designers for making her shoulders slightly more broader than Mimi’s and Hikari’s to make her seem more tomboyish. It doesn’t really stand out in her casual wear (where apparently everyone’s body type is more same-y, but you can notice it a bit when they’re all in uniform).

Digimon 15
Love triangle depicted, sized accordingly.

Taichi and Yamato even wear the same thing! Where would you even get an orange army jacket? what fabrics on this earth exist for such a thing to be created? I refuse to believe he took the time to dye it that color himself.

Digimon 08
Yeah, don’t think I forgot about you, new girl with your bit reveal in the ending theme.

sidenote: hnnnngh, dat opening theme rendition of “Butterfly.” It’s toned down a bit from the pop-iness of the original, but the instruments don’t play slow enough for it to be coffeeshop levels of chill. Reading back that sentence, there’s a reason I never went ahead with my idea of reviewing music I’ve been listening to.

Digimon 07
Mysterious Transfer Student-chan and her deviantart digimon stick out like the sorest of thumbs, but at the same time I get that introducing a new character is a simple way to get new viewers into the series (“hey, I didn’t watch the original, but I can have the same amount of emotional attachment as the rest of the cool kids with this one character!”). She’s like the Gus Griswald of Tri.

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