Extended Tweets: Mary Jane’s Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Redesign

The Miles Morales run of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man has proven to be decently entertaining so far, with a new cast of characters that don’t feel the need to be bogged down by too many nods to the source Spider-Man material. And the current arc involving the reintroduction to Spidey villain Venom proves that giving a new spin on things while keeping track of past continuity is always a good thing. Though I will say that one thing still bothers me…

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Gwen and MJ

I know that we’ve been reintroduced to both Gwen and MJ, new redesigns and all, but with the comic currently running at one issue per month, it’s one of those things that I forget about, so it always takes me by surprise. While, in general, Gwen’s redesign seems to still stay in line with who her character is, Mary Jane’s sudden shift from the pretty girl that turns the heads of all the boys to the frumpy shy girl that has apparently taken a page out of Avril Lavigne’s (aged-and-should-be-outdated-but-for-some-reason-is-apparently-still-worn-by-the-kiddies) wardrobe makes me silently weep every time I see her.

From a primal “dude” standpoint (which for one reason or another is apparently driving a majority of the comicbook industry) I will say that yes, the two do look good in whatever kind of outfit they wear, but I always thought Mary Jane’s shift in attire was jarring and should have at least been explained to some extent. I mean, was her break-up with Peter and his near-death experience during the Ultimatum arc that mind-shattering that this was her best sane way to cope? Or maybe Marvel is realizing that there’s a fair share of readers that prefer the shy-yet-secretly-hot-glasses-wearing girl. Honestly, any kind of explanation would suffice.

I know it’s actually been a decent number of issues since the redesigns, but it was always something that disturbed me, since there’ve been next to no signs of an explanation.

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