Blitz Catchup Marathon: Young Justice Invasion 13 &14


“How did it all go so wrong so fast?”

Of the last couple Young Justice episodes, these last two were definitely the weakest ones. I don’t know if the hiatus led to some last minute changes or what, but the writing just felt… off. To have the majority of Artemis’ lines be spoken through inner monologue just felt lazy and uninspired, which is the opposite of what I’ve come to expect from the series. If you’re going to have a long talky scene, at least hide that fact by throwing in some action rather than just having her stare at her reflection Mulan-style.


+1,000,000 suspicion points to Green Beetle for selectively giving Ms. M his own memories to prove his loyalty to The Team. I get that you’re in crisis, Megan, but your reluctance to use your own powers is crippling The Team a lot more than you realize.


Artemis taking out Psimon was quite the evasive maneuver on Artemis’ part, though it does give something of a time limit to her and Aqualad’s (and I guess Ms. M’s) mission now. How long was that tranq supposed to last? Anything more than a month and I call witchcraft. Then again, this is supposed to take place 5 years into the future, and witchcraft actually does exist in this universe among other things so… eh.


Jason Marsden obviously singing the Reach commercial with some slight autotune. Eugh. Woulda been funny if the screen panned out to have Impulse actually singing over the commercial, but no… the way it stands now just makes it feel like cheese. Exposition-y cheese, but cheese nonetheless.


As absolutely douche-tacular as the series makes out Lagoon Boy to be, I will say it’s somewhat sad to see where he lies in his current relationship. Seeing things from his perspective, he honestly hasn’t done anything to hurt the relationship, while Megan’s apparent indecisiveness between him and Conner seems to be slowly killing things. I mean, will we ever get an explanation as to what Conner was doing with Megan at her uncle’s apartment? Oh, the drama!

Also, somewhat interesting to see that Slade—sorry, Deathstroke—is a by the books type of guy that doesn’t kill unless instructed to. Guess that explains why he didn’t destroy the Zeta tube to strand Lagoon Boy. Now that I think about it, considering the aliens (both Reach and others) seem to know about the Zeta tubes, you’d think that would mean more villains trying to destroy them to better disadvantage the heroes. Though I guess when your aim’s global domination, you have better things to do… like making addictive cola.


So, 5 years into the future, villains will be able to produce selective-power-inhibiting collars that work with the literal push of a button? Sounds goofy out of context, but then again I’m sure most superhero-technology does.


Tells Artemis to ignore mental projections; gets hit by mental projections herself. Ms. M, if your current mental flakiness wasn’t so disgusting to look at, it would make for an excellent meme.

On the subject of Ms. M, it felt like her VA was hit-or-miss this episode. Her cry for La’gann when Deathstroke got to him seemed… tired? C’mon, Winnie Cooper.


Ugh… the real killer of this episode. Nightwing, as in guy that was trained by Batman himself, spills the beans on his super-secret side mission once Lagoon Boy enters whiny bitch mode. sidenote: Yuri Lowenthall entering said mode let his voice spill into his dub Sasuke voice. Not a coincidence.

I get that Nightwing would have had to tell someone else about his plans eventually, but you’d think it would have been made a bigger deal out of. We’re talking something that would have warranted a million different reaction shots if this were an anime, but instead we have him spill in a hospital room. Meh.


So now that the scarab’s been silenced, I take it this means no more silly mental back and forth’s between it and Jaime? Real shame, since those interactions were probably the closest this series has gotten to entering Perfect Strangers-type territory with a funny guy and straight uh… scarab. And no, Impulse and Jaime don’t count, since that’s more of a funny guy, slightly less funny guy… and that’s just redundant.


Hooray, actual screen time for the runaways!

The fact that each one of them is voiced by an actor of the according race? I approve.


That fact that Asami’s VA has noticeably stiff Japanese? I mean kudos for casting a Japanese American (and a former Planeteer) but I’m pretty sure by this point, her accent’s more American than Japanese which just made for some awkward line deliveries.

Also, she’s got different colored eyes. I’m sure some hardcores will appreciate that. Or maybe be really up in arms about it. I honestly don’t know.


And it wasn’t just her having the awkwardly delivered Japanese lines. I’m sure I’ll get hate for it, but white scientist delivering a Japanese line alongside its English translation just reminded me of the Nice White Lady video. Not sorry.


Awkwardness aside, this episode still had the moment I’ve been waiting all season for, and they didn’t fail to deliver. I like how over the span of just this episode, Virgil’s been made out to not only be a decent leader (or at least someone willing to lead), but a pretty top notch human being. He cared enough to call his parents, was able to sympathize with Ed about his father, and cared enough to warn Beetle about the people still inside the building currently being destroyed. Best new character.


…though apparently only one good minority character sporting a black and blue themed outfit is allowed on the show at a time, since Blue’s fallen into complete unlikeable mode. Did nobody look into the possibility that Impulse’s prophecy about Beetle would come true no matter what happened? Were there no Chrono Trigger players among The Team?


And end out the episode with Lex accompanied by Mercy why seems to have been literally called out of the car to just stand there and flaunt her curvaceous robo-legs. Like I said, even with Virgil’s sudden boost in screen time, these past two episodes just seemed off for some reason. Maybe the show’s just taking a breather from juggling all those subplots, but for some reason, dialogue, and general delivery for some characters just didn’t feel like it was at its peak performance.

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