Blitz Catchup Marathon: Young Justice Invasion 11 &12


Almost caught up!


This is one of those weird episodes where you’re not entirely sure which plot is the major one and which the minor. Yes, a majority of the action came from fish head guy with an evil Goku personality and C-3P0 sidekick, but the actual plot comes from the more talky scenes which were honestly more entertaining to watch.


Sure, we got to see sexy older Zatanna out on the field…


and we finally got to see teen (pre-teen?) Billy, which was a nice surprise…


…but really, Static Shock. Static. Shock. I’m sure the creative team behind Young Justice knows that contrary to how their show gets treated by Cartoon Network, a majority of its viewers are in the teenage and older demographic who know from old comics or show iterations where some of the characters are going. While at times this may lead to less than enthralling discussions among fans that want their comicbook canons to hold true for this show as well (I honestly don’t care who Conner ends up with and think he’s a strong independent Kryptonian) it does occasionally lead to excitement in certain scenes when the writers are clearly waving the hypothetical carrot in front of us.

Sure, the “where did the aliens touch you” session was mainly talking heads, but considering that one of those heads was Virgil Hawkins, I am fine with this.


Thing of the episode I’m not fine with: Ms. Martian’s reluctance to using her full powers. Yes, I understand that possibly permanently derping out a friend could lead to such decisions, but it’s always frustrating to see a main character purposefully prevent themselves from reaching their full potential just because of something they think could happen.


…which makes me somewhat surprised when Blue doesn’t keep his connection to the Reach a secret. Definitely didn’t mind that since the plot has bigger fish to fry.


…like an additional talking heads scene that pertains to the plot. As frustrating as it is that the League is no longer seen as credible since the Reach played their cards first, it’s an interesting twist and comes off as purposefully frustrating, if that makes any sense.


And end the episode off with—what? Whuzzis? WHUZZIS? Of age Martian and technically underage Kryptonian alone in the uncle’s apartment while the uncle’s away? If bonking isn’t the result of such a setup then… iunno, it probably just means more talking head scenes in which Ms. M finally learns to get over herself. Still, before the latter is disproven, my money is still on them bonking.


And start the next episode where the last one actually left off. The whole concept of delving into Jaime’s body Magic Schoolbus style to try and get rid of his scarab seems like something that would have gone on for an entire episode, but again, I guess this show has bigger plot points to fry. Just saying, having mass hysteria ensue upon one of Blue’s scarab antibodies enlargening along with Bumblebee and Atom would have been an acceptable way to spend 22 minutes.

sidenote: Did Atom’s blaster have some kind of automatic turn-off function? Because it seemed like he could have easily dropped it while it was still going off, possibly wreaking all sorts of havoc inside Jaime.


So this is the episode’s Alpha Team? I get that they’re stretched rather thin  when it comes to missions, but does anyone else find it odd that the covert fetch quest was assigned to an Alpha Team? Still, quite the entertaining bunch to see on a mission together. Though I would have enjoyed more interaction between the polar opposites that are Arsenal and Impulse. Dunno if it’s the shaved head that adds to the image, but Roy’s eyes just seem to stare into my soul when he isn’t wearing his eye mask.


Deathstroke cameo! He honestly seems like a better fit for a villain’s muscle over Sports Master, what with his no-nonsense attitude. Still, I guess there needs to be some kind of unrest among the villains. And signs seem to be pointing towards Cheshire possibly killing Kaldur. Gonna go ahead and call that right now.


I just had to get a screencap of the perky Lexcorp worker’s “I’m tired o’ this shit” look. I wonder if she’s fully aware of what harm Lex and the Reach are doing. Over-analysis suggests her non-work face is the look of a working-class woman that’s seen some things… things that no person should be allowed to see.


Psimon seems to be one of those baddies that ended up getting a lot more screen time than expected. My only complaint is that all his appearances are nearly identical with him walking on screen, removing his hood to reveal his face. Worked in some scenes, but this time around… I mean didn’t Savage introduce him Kaldur’s dad beforehand? Would seem pretty awkward otherwise. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if all villains had some level of social awkwardness.


Ugh, more Black Beetle and his crappy villain dialogue. I mean it’s one thing to have someone like Impulse with his Jason Marsden goofy voice to have a cheesy line or two, but to have this massive baddie spout such garbage is something else entirely.

sidenote: The Weekenders is apparently up for release in two DVD sets if you want to see Jason Marsden as the lead in what at first glance looks like a Recess ripoff but ends up being Community pre-Community.


I did like the semi-reveal when Black got shot (wow, that’ll give me some interesting search referrals) by Blue and Green Beetle. So… we’re to assume that he’s a Reach alien and that the Reach chancellor just has weird alien facial hair, right?


Good two episodes overall, but it definitely looks like the series is taking a breather after what happened after the last batch of episodes. Things like the introduction of Green Beetle among other things show that these were more of the kind of episodes to plant future plot seeds in later episodes, which I don’t mind and if Weisman’s work on Spectacular Spider-Man proves, he’s able to pull off.

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