Episodic Review: Young Justice Invasion 06

With the latter half of the second seasons finally airing, I guess it’s time to play catchup.

I’m not exactly an avid fan of his, but I will say James Marsden has got to be one of the bigger “hey, I know that voice” type of voice actors. Honestly, the only non animation roles I remember him from would be in the early seasons of Boy Meets World and Full House… which isn’t all that bad considering the popularity of both shows at the time.

“Meta Gene?” Eeyep, if they don’t introduce Static from this, then I will officially call nonsense on this entire series… though considering the latest trailer for the next batch of episodes, it looks like my “shock to the system” needs will be met soon enough.

… will also say that while Marsden isn’t exactly known for varying his voice, he is good at doing the one and getting roles that are perfectly suited for it. Not too big on DC lore (maybe “medium” at best) I’ll say I was able to get the full gist of Impulse from his scene at the cave alone. Perfect storytelling to introduce a character without coming off as too spoon-feedy.

Meanwhile, the “neither good nor completely bad” characters are off on Tibetan adventures getting done what you’d think would warrant it being the A story-line in the episode. Just the thought that they were able to get away with introducing a kid out of marriage and have it serve to better Red Arrow is pretty admirable… and intense. Hooray for envelope-pushing!

Though considering the overall feel of the series I honestly doubt the viewers were meant to be in your typical Saturday morning demographic. The types of problems half the cast is going through seems to lean more towards the older teen demographic and older, which I guess isn’t to be surprised from the same network that actually aired the first couple episodes of Evangelion.

“That’s such a Dick Grayson thing to do.”

Even more envelope pushing! Wow, not only was this line part of the script, but the delivery was done in such a way that it would sound like the less-TV-PG-friendlyline that everyone else thought it was going to be before Impulse clarified.

Really love how BB’s animal obsession leads to him entering blinders-mode and equating things like “fastest animal” to “able to beat a superhero whose specialty is running fast.”

From what I’ve heard the Flash Family tree is far from simple to explain, and I was deterred from looking into it after reading that alone. Good to know things have been somewhat streamlined for the series, though. I’m just gonna go ahead and assume the grandparents were married when they were teens, so they’re only in their mid-80s now, which I guess is possible.

Yay for the first Meta Human appearance! When I first caught this episode, I thought the aliens were using “meat” and “mode” in a non-future-slang sense, but watching it this time around, I’m guessing Impulse’s timeline adapted it from them once all the aliens invaded Earth—interesting in a depressing way. And now I’m tempted to re-watch District 9 but not really because I’m not big on bittersweet endings.

Bringing a baby along on a mission seems to be a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Though Red Arrow does bring up the possible alternative of having Artemis babysit, it makes me wonder just who knows about their kid. It’s probably a sure thing that Cheshire’s kept news of the baby from most people, but the thought of a baby shower being held is just too amusing.

Kid Flash’s “tired of yo shit” face. While the latest episode hints that he’s gotten on better terms with Impulse, I can’t help but wonder if they’ll still go the route of KF developing a complex because he’s not as strong as the other speedsters. Then again, I’m sure Wally’s plate is already full with the drama that happens next episode.

Initially thought Impulse tripping was what really ended up killing the Flash and things ended up in a Futurama-style type of time-traveling story, but looks like we ended up with your standard Back to the Future-type of time-traveling which makes the least amount of sense if you overanalyze it (wouldn’t the changes end up with the bad-timeline’s Impulse not existing?) but brings the most amount of drama. Meanwhile the DBZ-style type of time travel remains untouched but equally confusing…

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