Episodic Review: Young Justice Invasion 04 & 05

Best new character in the show.

What’s the deal with small-time shop workers being the standard comicbook guy cutout? The same thing happened in The Amazing Spider-Man movie, which bytheway… shameless plug.

So Zeta shields block everything but boom tubes? Coulda sworn I heard the name in a Batman Beyond episode. *googles* Yep. Good to know YJ’s yet to slow down when it comes to digging into every nook and cranny of DC references.

I get that nobody likes PDAs, but I take it everyone’s look of disgust at “Lagartian” was more than a fleeting feeling. At the least I like to assume most people on the team are on Super Boy’s side, even though they don’t know any of the juicy details.

So… the episode pretty much turned into the B storyline becoming exponentially more interesting than the A one. You gotta love a good intervention. Especially whenever Kyon’s voice is involved. If the Clone Saga in Spider-Man is a proper gauge, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that people have gotten their fill of twists involving clones. So while I get Arrow’s internal pains for being one, he really doesn’t have much footing for an argument when all of a sudden you have another guy pop in and be like “I’m a clone, too. Deal with it.” Really glad it looks like we’re seeing the beginning of a wrap-up for all this clone nonsense… at least all this clone nonsense involving Arrow.

As uninteresting as the A story was in comparison to B, though, something should be said about a giant element alien thing riffing off of the script from The Iron Giant. Woulda been kinda cool to have it join the team (I mean, if we can have a giant alien-sphere-robot-pet thing join…).

Episode 6 wasn’t much of an improvement either.

…though I will say that the episode did do a good job of making me like Blue Beetle even more than I already did. His story this episode reminded me of one of the better (read: non-guest star) episodes of Static Shock in that not only did it feature a primarily colored main cast, but it also went as far as covering the sometimes hard to watch sad truths faced in some communities without it having come off as too preachy or overly eager about showing non-whites as part of a primary storyline. The whole shtick with him trying to fight off the bad-cop that is the scarab was just icing on the cake.

Yes, I’m calling Blue’s storyline the primary one because I was just so disappointed by the other storyline. I mean, action-wise, it delivered, but I just can’t get over Wonder Girl’s overall ineptness. She’s pretty much at where I’d pit Super Boy in the early first season—powerful, but lacking any kind of factor outside of abilities that would make me want to care for their well-being.

Also, butch chicks just creep me out, making Wonder Girl’s story that much less appetizing.

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Gabe (daemoncorps) has been writing about anime and the like since 2005, but has been babysat by it for much longer. He primarily spends his days distracting himself on twitter or writing for Fandom Post until he realizes he has a weekly webcomic (tapastic.com/series/scramblebouquet) to work on. He also just finished writing his first full-length graphic novel about unemployment (https://tapastic.com/episode/293804).

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