Episodic Review: Young Justice Invasion 01, 02, & 03

I believe that we will meet / In August ten five years later.

After a 26 episode run and a rather disorganized release schedule, it looks like Young Justice has re-branded itself under the new title Young Justice: Invasion, taking place five years after the events of the previous series. This is all fine and dandy, but honestly, was there any reason for releasing the next batch of episodes under a completely different series title? Sure, Japan’s made similar moves with regards to their series, but this would always be due to not only a major time skip in the series’ continuity, but also because of the former series having run its course in terms of episode count. To have a series be re-titled as a sequel series only after one season is just ridiculous to me. Not to mention the pain and suffering I had to go through having to add yet another series to the DVR list. The injustices experienced in the first world are unparalleled, I say!

All meta aside, though, this looks like a good start to some post-time-skip action. I know Clayface is a more complex character than most iterations would like to depict him as, but I always thought he was a good baddie to have when re-introducing a cast of characters. I liked him in The Batman, and I’m getting a similar “like” vibe this time around, too. While we’re only given a glimpse of some of the new cast and their abilities, it was nice to know that from what we’ve seen, they all look like they can hold their own and have something new to bring to the table. Also, take the time to note that the animators actually made a point of differentiating between Clayface and his throw-up. Oh, the dedication.

I’ll hold back on my thoughts about Lagoon Boy until later in the post, but I will say that Chick Beta Squad is the far superior squad. While Wonder Girl wasn’t exactly able to do much in terms of putting up a fight against Latino Aliens (wow, if that doesn’t come off as racist…), she does have personality, which is more than I can say for a handful of the new members as of this post.

I’ll buy that Nightwing got that old-looking over the span of five years, but Barbara… really? Oh, and lookit that there ripped open alien shell. Definitely couldn’t have gotten away with that on Cartoon Network 10 years ago.

Ugh, alien-ist scene is alien-ist. I get that Earth finally realizing that they’re not alone in the universe would have some repercussions, but to have them expressed in the form of newscasting douchery is just… douchey.

Mr. Strange… not to be confused with Hugo Strange… almost as confusing as all the Bens in the Marvel Universe.


Search referral fishing over.

Interesting to have Tim return to the Animated DC Universe. Would have loved to see a monkey wrench thrown into the mix and have the new Robin end up being Jason. Or better yet, Terry. The DC world needs the return of Will Friedle Ron Stoppable!

Know absolutely nothing about Lagoon Boy except that he’s a cocky douche prick that has no qualms over making out with his lady in the presence of her ex. Worst character on the show.

I will say that for reasons I can’t put my finger on, I really like how they dealt with Blue Beetle’s ethnic-ness in comparison to Rocket’s. Maybe it’s because there are clear lines between what is considered a positive Latino role model and a negative one..? I dunno; I’ll stop before I get any hate mail for bringing race discussion into cartoons.

Mal. Again, absolutely no knowledge known about him prior to watching this series. Wait… he’s one of the guys from Superboy and Ms. Martian’s high school? Wait… so’s Bumblebee? The number of side characters in past episodes brought back as slightly more prominent characters is ridiculous… in a good way.

So while Tim and his fellow hero noobs were learning how to get their proverbial feet wet, we also have some alien adventures off world on Rann: home to the scientist involved in Zeta tech and his hot daughter. I really hope Strange and Alanna don’t have to rely on Ms. Martian’s plot-device translation skills once things get more heated in their relationship. Though apparently that’s not a problem according to Superboy..? Sure.

Just love how Sardath was just staring at Strange when he grabbed his arm. Good to know that while their speech patterns are oddly similar to that of American English (seriously, lip flaps from English to Rannian is oddly similar with apparently little to nothing lost in translation; kinda wondering how the Rannian’s heard when Beast Boy blurted out “alien animal-age”) there does exist some cultural differences when it comes to interactions.

Undertones of the (white) outsider arriving in a foreign land to save its people aside, I actually do like Strange and his interactions with the Rannians. Having him go off babbling random lines out of Alice in Wonderland and having Alanna mimic him later in the episode was cute and was actually enough to make me care for the characters. Really hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of them.

Was a bit hesitant to accept this new Beast Boy having gotten so attached to the iteration in Teen Titans, but I must say that they pretty much kept to all his childish goofiness from the past series…

while also incorporating all the tear-inducing drama YJ has mastered in such little episodes. Daw, Gar…

“She’s with La’gaan now. He’s kind of a douche prick bro ass face, but he’s good to her.”

We all know this was the understood subtext. The most relatable Superboy’s been since his appearance. While love triangles can get cliché at times, I do approve of them in this case if only for the promise of character building through all the drama that will follow.

So a couple Krolotean adventures on and off-world later, we finally get what the deal was with the missing 16 hours and… it’s kinda whelming.

Considering that Savage released those mind controlled six out of some kind of portal during last season’s finale, I felt like it already made sense that viewers would assume they were off causing some kind of chaos in some other part of the world. Add to the equation that there was a five year gap that members of the League, including a self proclaimed Lord of Order and one of many universal cops, were completely clueless about these missing hours just makes things that much more suspicious. I’m sure Weisman has something up his sleeve to plot twist us with, though. Just hope that this series doesn’t get an early cancellation like his other works and have all these loose ends mocking the fans.

Wah, intriguing mystery is mysterious! I’m guessing Ms. M’s superior-even-to-Manhunter’s powers lead her to think that she should use them for good regardless of the brain wreckage she leaves in her path. Though you’d think that she’d have more sense to think things through from an Earthling’s perspectives on morality… then again, this is the same person that makes noises while making out with her new bf while the ex is in the room, so… yeah.

Also, gonna call that SB broke up with her more out of fear of what she might do to him over her twisted sense of morals (if that’s really why she’s mind-wrecking everyone). Based on how the scene with Manhunter went, I’m assuming SB’s the only hero that knows what’s going on with Ms. M and is afraid of speaking up like the possible domestic violence victim he is..? Also, loved Manhunter’s wtf moment as the Krolotean gets vegetable’d. No way he doesn’t have at least some suspicions.

So… something something the death of Aquagirl, ergo Aqualad became evil. Will give brownie points to the show for making an entirely new Aqualad outside of the comics for the sake of making this twist more of a twist, but will say I’m still not sold on the time skip. So much stuff of substance has gone down between the two series (seasons? whatever…) that it just makes more sense to not have skipped over that time span. Then again, I guess Weisman likes his dramatic reveals.

I do like that Superman’s taken on SB as more of a brother than a cousin or son. A sibling relationship between the two makes for a more interesting relationship than daddy/son.

Speaking of daddy/son…

I think this is the first time in animated form that so many of Batman’s Bat-fam has been in a single scene together. And no signs of Jason Todd demented sidekicks among them. I’d say “Yahtzee,” but I think “tic-tac-toe” is more fitting.

“May the gods be with you all.”

Woah. Even if you’re assuming that’s an underlined “g,” I’m still surprised such a line was passed, considering how iffy suits have been about religion in their American cartoons.

So are we to assume that Green Lanterns always travel by giant green space ship for intergalactic trips? Seems rather time consuming. I mean, can’t Doc Fate zap ‘em to the place or something? Yes, it made for a dramatic ending to this chunk of the series, but the thought of space travel made solely by the Green Lantern’s ring seems more ridiculous than I’m willing to accept.

Still, good first three episodes. Hopefully the series further expands on its world and gets better from here.

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