Episodic Review: Young Justice 25 &26

New challengers approaching!

Equally glad as Wally to know that Captain Marvel’s still on the team in addition to our new players. Though I do find it odd that any kind of powwow was involved when it came to Dr. Fate. I feel like he could have taken any of the Leaguers if he wanted to join but they refused him.

… and now for my obligatory Robin / Zatanna cap. All the adorable. All of it!

Am I the only one that feels insulted by Rocket’s character? I mean, I liked Static in Static Shock in all his sassy blackness, but I feel like we’ve moved past such things since then. It would be one thing to have her first mission on the team end up in having her being incredibly useful, but so far, she’s just kinda been standard on the field. She just hasn’t done enough to offset her race typical sassiness to be okay.



smexy animation. And it wasn’t even for the finale episode. Honestly, I enjoyed episode 25’s fight scene a lot more than episode 26’s. More reason for the series’ final two episodes to have been aired back to back.

Off model character logo is off model. I only forgive this when smexy animation is involved. Thankfully, it was.

So glad they were able to take a stab at themselves when it came to everyone having dark, dirty secrets. The fake-out with Ms. Martian was almost frustratingly believable. Woulda had to throw a Wii remote at the screen if she was the only one that didn’t confess her herpaderp. Very cruelly awesome way of bringing everything together for the second to last episode.

Kinda wish I could say the same thing for the finale episode

Liked the episode itself, but damn, it felt like they just diarrhea’d out the rest of the plot points in 22 minutes and made things even harder to follow by dropping you in the middle of a misleading scene. Was there a point of Savage having Batman spill the beans about Scarlet Red Arrow? I feel like the same message could have been given with a straightup lie.

Also, the excuse of alien technology being alien technology can only go so far. Does it magically know that it’s being placed on or around the victim’s head before it sinks in? Why wouldn’t it just sink into the attacker’s fingers? Mehr.

I was kinda redeemed by the “hands in the cookie jar” moment. Wally and Dick are the best tag-team when it comes to things like this.


… double plot dump scene is just a pain in the head.

Canary waking up during the middle of all this, only to be cut off by another scene entirely. Sometimes Weisman can be a bit too Weisman. I can appreciate sprinkles of plot that’ll be explained later on, but to hint at what should result in a significant scene only to not further flesh things out right away is just a bit ridiculous. And don’t tell me all of this gets better fleshed out in the comic tie-ins, cuz that’s just being lazy.

Blah, blah human extinction, blah, blah, blaming the League for slowing down processes… the dialogue this episode is just so dense with plot that I have no choice but to rewind a re-listen to whatever was being explained. The episode kinda reminds me of the worst traits of comic books in that sense.

Possibly suggested screencap is possibly suggestive.

So the team was able to find some doctor acquaintances that were able to engineer a cure that not only reverses the previous tech’s effects, but also prevent them from activating again. Just exactly how much time passed during all this? I mean, I get that the situation is dire, but I doubt that alone would get any doctor off their seat and making a working fully tested cure within the day. And don’t tell me it’s because Atlantians have some kind of Room of Spirit and Time-like place that gives people more hours in the day to work on things. That’s just… mehr.

More Klarion. Ugh… can’t believe I’m saying it, but I actually liked The Riddler’s fight last episode a lot more. Sure, Klarion’s controlling the Leaguers and pitting them with their respective ex-sidekicks, but that just means that it’s not a true fight between sidekick and mentor. Kinda explains why Batman went out of his way to crack his knuckles before fighting Robin.

The amount of wanton violence towards Tornado was probably enough to get the PG rating. Why must the most gratuitous of violence go towards the robots?

Of course all the team gets cleanly paired off. Though based on what happens the following episodes, I’m glad that most of the pairings that went on this episode come off as more of a onetime deal. Enjoy the ships while they last, I guess?

I get that the League isn’t that efficient at what they do yet since they’re still getting started with the whole teamwork thing, but does no one seriously know about Guardian’s lack of helpfulness?

So… possibly convoluted sidestory involving clones? Something tells me Weisman was really eager to do some Clone Saga stuff on Spectacular Spidey before it got pulled.

A good finale overall, but something that could have benefit from some breathing room via another episode to flesh things out.


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