Episodic Review: Young Justice 21 (“Image”)

Oh, Young Justice. First you have the fake bro on sis scene in episode 11, and now you have the fake cougar on under-age Kryptonian this episode. Something tells me the show writers specifically wanted Ms. Martian on the team for the sole purpose of stretching that PG rating as far as it’ll go.

So considering how Gar mentions that episodes of Hello Megan are hard to find even online, I can only imagine Ms. Martian recording these on her alien equivalent of a DVR. Maybe saving them on her alien equivalent of an external hard drive after downloading them from the alien equivalent of a torrenting site. She could have even recorded them when they aired live. I mean, what else is there to do on Mars?

OK, so something, something fictional countries at conflict. Funny how an earlier Young Justice pitted two fictional countries at conflict because they were against unifying, and now we’ve got a case where the conflict comes from people against two fictional countries unifying. Slight nitpick, but the font size during the news reports seemed a bit too small in comparison to actual news reports. Reminded me of the miniscule font size used in some Blu Ray disc menus. Seriously, how large of a TV screen are we expected to have to play these things on?

Convenient plot device calling for a team of four this time around. I’ll let it slide just because I hate it when there are too many chefs in the kitchen resulting in Wily Kit and Kat only being there for C-level banter with the bad guys. Not sad that the new Thundercats didn’t show up under the list of returning shows next season. At all.

Ah, the Logans. Noting that the kid’s name is “Garfield” should be red flag enough to let peeps know that he’s probably a character from the comics. Without spoiling anything, I will say that the episode took an interesting route setting up what I’m hoping are seeds for future plot points. While Gar seems like a TV-standard hyper 8 year old, knowing the direction they’re taking him makes me tolerate him. As for his mom… iunno what it is, but her angry face reminds me of Desmond from Project Cadmus. Guess it’s a character design thing. Kinda like how everyone in the series has relatively curly hair, including the Joker.

I wonder just how many people that watched the episode grew up back when VHS was a thing. Though considering the PG rating and the general push to appeal to older audiences than you’d expect from a channel called “Cartoon Network,” I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a majority of viewers. Makes me wonder what year the series is supposed to take place in, though, since Wally knew enough about the video format to mock it. I have close to zero confidence that people under 18 care to know about now dead video formats.

I get that they were strapped for time here, but wouldn’t this suggest that Ms. Martian would have to make sure that the blood extracted from her be morphed to type O at all times? Do they go by Animorphs logic where if you’re morphed for a long enough time, you’ll stay in that form? Whatever; more Gar backstory is welcome.

Seriously, Mrs. Logan is kinda an S-level beezie. I’m sure that there are stresses I will never know of, not having been part of the one season wonder that was Hello Megan, but c’mon now. It’s one thing to be a jerk due to your show getting famous, or at least get a cult following and having people force you to say “Great Scott” during conventions, but apparently the show wasn’t even popular enough to get crappy recordings uploaded online. Shut up, Mrs. Logan. Nobody likes you.

Daw, flustered Robin is flustered. Really like his stuttered delivery when he was talking to Wally. *looks up his VA on IMDB* Oh god, I take everything back. Let’s all just pretend Robin’s VA isn’t Jesse McCartney. I think we’ll sleep better at night without that nasty bit of knowledge.

… speaking of nasty. You’d think Psimon would be powerful enough to make himself look less conspicuous. Also, I kinda snickered when I found out his name’s spelled that way. Oh comic books and your naming schemes.

So we have Apocalyptan tech, not to be confused with the Marvel villain that I blame for the cancellation of the Wolverine and the X-Men show. Darkseid… yeah, dunno too much about him except that he was in the less than enthralling Apocalypse movie I fell asleep to one day.

Also, Ms. Martian bails to hunt down Psimon, and yet Robin still had psychic connection with everyone, suggesting that Ms. Martian heard Robin’s ordered and left anyway. I get that Ms. Martian’s technically the Earth equivalent of a teenager, but the decisions she makes this episode just make me not like her.




When they were dropping hints about Ms. Martian being white and not green, I was expecting it to be something along the lines of a simple palette swap and the gang to be willing to accept her regardless of the color of her skin and we start to live in a world where kids can go for a Skittles run without living in fear of discrimination. But this… well played.

I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that the League doesn’t know about Ms. Martian, but the episode wasn’t exactly clear about Martian Manhunter’s knowledge. He could very well have been keeping the secret, with Megan fearing that she’d be sent back to Mars if other people found out about her, but the way things have played out so far is pretty fuzzy on the details. Still, at the end of the day, I feel that at the least the League would be understanding of things and wouldn’t care all too much since so far the only difference is physical. As for her teenage counterparts, I’m gonna predict some drama in the inevitable episode where they finally find out what’s what.

Major props to Ms. Martian for her hammy performance. It’s small details like that that clue you in on the old-school American shows her uncle would send her while she was on Mars.

Dunno what Robin’s deal is here. I guess the mission didn’t go as smoothly as he wanted it to be? Still, as Kid Flash said, he did a pretty good job as team leader saving an entire country from an evil dictator.

Yeah, lies. As interesting as it is having Megan lie to the team all while there’s still talk about there being a mole in their group, I feel like I’d be frustrated if they have this point drag on for too long.

OK, and now you’re telling me that Megan’s willing to endanger tons of peeps all for the sake of literally saving face? It’s such a high risk over something so trivial that I don’t think I could stomach this side story being stretched for more than half a season.

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