Episodic Review: Young Justice 19 (“Misplaced”)

Shorter intro is shorter. And spoiler-free, which I guess is a good thing.

A couple episodes behind, but figured I’d pick up Young Justice starting from the season (er, mid-season) break onwards, since the episodes have definitely picked up quality-wise, unlike some other Cartoon Network shows which I’m dropping due to lack of further interest. Anyways…

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Klarion the Witch Boy. His design and voice always seemed more fitting in a Teen Titans episode than in a Young Justice episode. Still, his involvement this time around along with his interactions with the heroes (his condescending line to Zatana about “baby magic” was great) added some check-plusses in my book. It also helps that I finally realized that he’s voiced by the guy that did The Tinkerer in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.

Random aside: not exactly having the highest of hopes for the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Regardless of Spectacular’s animation style, it was able to hold solid story-telling throughout each and every one of its episodes. Ultimate seems to be taking a page out of the ‘90s cartoons in terms of animation style, but story-telling looks reminiscent of Teen Titans, which was hit or miss. Also Drake from Drake and Josh voicing Spidey… no. If they couldn’t get Josh Keaton, my number two would have been Michael J. Fox. Just imagine Marty McFly’s voice coming out of Spidey’s invisible mouth and smile only to follow it up with a cry knowing that it’ll never happen.

So I get that Zatanna isn’t this old in the comics and that any romantic tension between her and Robin shouldn’t be there, but she’s just so adorable, that I don’t care.

… that and it’s not like Barbara will be donning the Batwoman getup anytime soon, so I think it’s only fair to give Robin something along the lines of an office wife. And this one knows magic.

… a little too well. I didn’t like it when Aang was able to master unlocking his chakras over the course of less than a full episode, so to have Zatanna be able to pull off a tracking spell even after saying that it would be difficult to do just by copying off surveillance footage of her dad rubbed me the wrong way. But it’s magic, so whatever.

Honestly, even in the case of a worldwide epidemic in which all adults have inexplicably disappeared, I still feel like the most active forum topic on a teen board would be Hunger Games related. I personally take no preference when it comes to Team Gale or Team Peeta. I will say that Gale had the bigger muscles in the movie version, though.

I must say that even with his daddy issues, SuperBoy seems to get along well with the kiddies. Reminds me of a study on 20/20 a while ago about how kids react more positively to better looking people regardless of their (lack of) experience in the teaching field. Good-looking bastards.

I never understood whenever someone was able to take over all TV stations and they’d demonstrate by showing a bunch of TVs in a shop turning on. I’d assume a majority of them wouldn’t even be plugged in. Then again, I don’t know any shops around here that even do that kind of thing, so meh. I did like the Our War Game style where even people outside of the states are getting the transmission.

… don’t like this, though. You cut to Dakota City and yet you don’t show Static Shock and instead show (checks the YJ wiki) Rocket? And it looks like it hasn’t been her first appearance, either. I get that DC’s got quite the plethora of heroes to choose from and they’re giving the more obscure ones their chance to shine, but really. Needs. More. Static. Hell, I’d settle for Gear’s backpack, even.

Had some serious flashbacks about Gremlins here. Say they had to cross over into a different time zone. Would the effect still take place according to the exact time she was born? And that’s assuming she was born at exactly midnight, which I seriously doubt. Mehr, magic, so whatever.

Cool twist having Billy being able to play for both teams, but seeing the conversation made my head hurt. I’m assuming they just had Ms. Martian have some kind of cross-dimensional mind linkage dealie. Would be pretty annoyed if I were Billy saying “Batman wants me to tell you that Robin still has cleaning duty in the batcave this Wednesday.”

So there are some limitations when it comes to split dimensional magic. Kinda makes me wonder what would happen if someone in the adult world put on the helmet, too. Or if it would even exist? Would Nabu be merged with two people once the worlds merged back, or would he hold American Idol style auditions to figure out which host he’d make sign a life contract with?

… though, thought it was a bit weird that even with half his strength, Nabu was apparently only able to break through the dome with everyone else’s help. In the words of Jackie Chan’s uncle, I thought “magic must defeat magic.” And back to the dome, you’d think the baddies would have been smart enough to make it a full on sphere, going underground, too. Then again, it’s thinking like that that limits the possibilities before you even try something out, which is what I think made Captian Marvel shine this episode. Best kid in the show without having to deal with any teenage angst.

Something of an awkward escape on Klarion’s part, a la Raven’s sudden mass transportation powers whenever the situation called for it in Teen Titans. You’d think he’d teleport away while keeping the dome working or something like that. Again, magic, so mehr whatever.

Best dad in the world. Of all the adult heroes in the series, Zatara seemed the most down to Earth. He’s got a kid that’s following in his footsteps, but is hesitant in having her walk down that same path. Superhero-ing doesn’t exactly have the best health care package. Still, I feel like if anyone were best suited to play roomie to Nabu, it’d be him. I think the Earth explode from the over-abundance in amazing if Batman were to take on the helmet.

And finish it off with a shot of the real baddies. I have to admit, I’ve been getting tired of the episodes ending with the real baddies being engulfed in shadows, so it’s good to finally see a face or two, even if that means seeing the baddies that were part of the worst Teen Titans season ever. Where did the Doom Patrol go after those first episodes, anyway? Yeah, Titans season 5 sucked. Hard.

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