Episodic Reviews: Thundercats (2011) 07 & 08

Ah, the back-story episode. As straightforward as they are, the glimpse of the past from episode 6 was enough for me to wonder exactly what happened a long time ago in a galaxy supposedly far, far away. Yeah, expect those kinds of references this post.

Seriously, what up with the Star Wars references throughout the series? Seeing the weird elephants had me anticipating a separate cell full of Jabba the Huts, which actually really grosses me out now that I think about it.

“I can’t airbend in the Spirit World.”

Eeyup, and if it’s not Star Wars references, it’s gonna be Avatar references. Still, good to know that Jagga’s found a place even after death as the Roku to Lion-O’s Aang. Hopefully this won’t lead to crappy live action movies where director’s insist on racist casting. For one, I don’t think cat-people exist anymore.

… or Planet of the Apes references. As hokey as the trailers were, I couldn’t help but take some kind of interest in the movie. Maybe not enough to watch it, but still… any movie that’s able to trick me into thinking it’s actually the trailer for Spider-Man 4 gets kudos in my book. As to what flavor kudos, that’s debatable. Damn you, James Franco.

Must Cree Summer be the voice of every strong female protagonist in a series? Not the I mind. I frikkin’ loved Disney’s Atlantis and while I never bothered to backtrack to it, at the least I do support the Ducky-style circle glasses in A Different World.

Good to know they’re giving plenty of toy options for those taking a pass on the Mumm-Ra Mobile. I just wish the armor didn’t remind me so much of Magnamon, which for the record still sucks in comparison to the likes of WarGreymon. Just saying.

And end the episode with a shot straight out of Empire Strikes Back (with an even creepier kiss between Lion-O and his possible great grandmother). I guess if you’re gonna reference something, reference something good. And seriously, Empire is hands down the best of all six movies. Especially when considering the new changes being made for the Blu-Ray releases. Hell yeah for bringing life to inanimate Yoda muppets.

Right, I get that Lion-O’s the main character, and he has gone on solo missions in the original series, but it just doesn’t feel right. Thundercats is more of a team series than a solo hero series and should be treated as such. Translation: where the hell is my Kit and Kat screentime? Not only do I feel like they’re underutilized, but as a whole, it just feels like the writers don’t know how to write for younger characters and simply sees them as immature, annoying and in the way just because they’re not old enough to be angsty and broody 24/7. Five shame, guys.

Okay, so last episode, we learn that a good number of other anthropomorphic creatures crash-landed on Third Earth along with the Cats… so who the hell is this guy? For all we know, his people could have been the planet-wide equivalent of Native Americans and he’s just trying to make a living, earning respect from those that insist that they were the first to colonize the planet. Seriously, can someone pick me up as a script writer?

…insert your cross between David Carradine and Lucky Seven Sampson and the rest of the episode pretty much handles itself.

Pretty solid episodes so far, but I’m still waiting for the one episode to blow me away. And considering that the DVDs are taking the 3-4 episode per release route, that’s even more reason to up their writing. I’d rather not buy that kind of release, but I’d gladly break the rule for something along the lines of A:TLA’s Blue Spirit… or Teen Titans’ Haunted… or DBZ’s Super Saiyajin 2 episode. The list goes on.


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