Episodic Review: Bunny Drop 03

“Will I die, too?”

My word, Rin-chan. I get that your past is more checkered than most six year old, but to be bent out of shape from a bacteria cartoon? Then again, in the world of animation, any media within that realm could be their equivalent of “live action” for all I know… even taking into consideration the fact that the bacteria have eyes.

I’m really digging the water coloring in the episodes’ opening scenes. Kinda makes me wish they did it throughout the rest of the episode. Though thinking about it, it could end up being distracting. The more I think of it, the more the style reminds me of something out of Reading Rainbow… minus Kunta Kintae. You know what, never mind.

Seeing animated people interact with stairs always weirded me out. Even with the best animation teams, it would still look like they were either walking too cautiously to make sure they hit each step or too unrealistically, sometimes not even hitting the steps altogether. Still, a single dad skipping two to three steps at a time (not to mention his complete disregard of the handrail) to make work on time? Sure, I can accept that.

… I’m also open to bromance in the work-place.

So we get a bit more of a peek into the Daikichi’s work life. While he’s not exactly head honcho, he did rank higher up than expected. And he’s got quite the buddy-buddy relation with his subordinates, t’boot. Just the idea of drinking with one’s boss is so foreign to me.

Dinner with someone that used to be in your division but insisted on a demotion to spend more time with her kid, however, seems completely fine. For a while, I was wondering if Haruko would forever be Daikichi’s sole source to parenting, so it’s good to see that he’s got options—the less screen time for Haruko and her brat kid, the better. Gotou seems a lot more likeable, anyways, though that could just be because she’s so much more removed from Daikichi’s situation than Haruko, so she comes off as less of a bitch. Yeah, let’s go with that.

“I read a picture book and had a staring contest.”

Oh, to be six again. Though in today’s world, you’d think that even temp schools would have some kind of curriculum, hyping up that whole competitive edge thing… not that Rin needs any more stress on her. Stop wetting the bed, settle things with your unknown mom, and maybe we can start talking about your schoolwork.

“Idiot. If adults are gloomy, kids tend to think they’re mad at them.”

So far Daikichi seems to be the only adult that’s still “gets” what it’s like to be a kid. And I have a feeling he had this type of mindset even before Rin showed up.

So at the least, Daikichi’s got a younger sister who’s a total ass even with her luscious hairstyle. The mom comes off as somewhat better, though you know that she’s helping Daikichi because he’s her son more than for Rin’s sake. And of course there’s the dad who’s just kinda there. Yep, pretty much covered the family demographic flawlessly.

What exactly is the kind of work that a maid would do to warrant even having a modem? Torrenting terabytes worth of ‘80s American sitcoms, maybe? Whatever it is, it seems like Daikichi wants to keep the snooping to himself, which I guess makes sense. It’s the one source of drama for the series, so it’d be a waste to have it in the forefront. Bite-sized plot points are best for something like Bunny Drop.

I really hope the original author is a woman… or a gay male, since Rin’s actions are just so spot-on for someone her age that it’d be creepy if just some guy were able to nail it. Ugh… bad word choice. Still, adorable Rin-chan is adorable.

Good to know that the “Bunny” part of Bunny Drop has finally been explained, too. I wonder if other parents out there speak to their kids the same way Daikichi does to Rin. I mean, it makes sense that the two of them speak in such an informal yet non-family-like manner, but it works. It kinda reminds me of Yotsuba&! in that sense… except Rin’s a million times smarter.

Looks like I’m finally caught up! I’m really digging the series so far. Though I was given something of a spoiler the other day, which makes me wonder just how later episodes will turn out. Ugh, I swear if it takes a Kimi ni Todoke turn, there will be throat-punching to be had.


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