Episodic Review: Bunny Drop 02

Whee, episode 2!

Like most American anime fans, I first got into the general fandom through a crapton of shonen anime. But lately, I’ve felt like all the titles have been burning me out; while I love Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, and even Bleach, watching one fight to another’s made me completely not interested in other shows which I’m sure I’d enjoy otherwise (fun fact: I’ve never seen the original FMA, and the most I’ve seen of FMA:B was the little I caught with my roommate freshman year). Usagi Drop is a perfect title to escape from all the shonen titles, but it isn’t cutesy or slice-of-life-ey in, say, a Lucky Star sense. It’s something completely new for me, and for that reason alone, I’m grateful for it.

I’m actually really surprised they didn’t do the whole “pants around the neck” thing to measure your waist-line. Looks like you’ve got a long ways to go, Daikichi. Still, kudos for apparently shopping at Uniqlo. Rin will be the most fashionable child at that temp school.

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure if we’re supposed to know the exact relation between Daikichi and Haruko, but I looked it up anyway. I’m assuming he doesn’t have any siblings (at least ones with kids) and that a cousin was the next probable step? Either way, she comes off as a backdoor douche this time around. What the hell did she mean “You really took Rin-chan home.”? I get that the family’s whole connection to Rin is far from normal, but she’s like what… 6? 7? If anything, get pissed at the mysterious mother of the kid, but leave Rin aloooone! Oh, Asian drama; you’re not as in-your-face as American drama, but you’re a million times more harsh.

Really digging how the author still knows what it’s like to be a kid. Jumping on a futon, getting the brunt of passing subway, near-death experiences in crowded rooms… major brownie points.

I still find it strange how much older Rin acts in comparison to surrounding kids. Even the ones at the temp school seemed normal (not to mention significantly younger, but I’m guessing that’s how temp schools are?). Though the character works well off of Daikichi, so my complaint’s more of an observation.

Additional brownie points to Daikichi for even going the extra mile for Rin here. Making sure she gets into at least some kind of school, keeping his end of all promises, as well as unlimited piggyback rides? I swear, if Rin ends up with an obnoxious rebellious stage, I will punch her in the face.

Still, I must say that crappy childhood or not, it still sucks being the last kid to be picked up. You think schools at night are creepy? Imagine the transition between a filled school in the day and an empty one at night? All the little mysteries of the place are killed instantly, when you see other teachers leaving for home in their cars, your own teacher kinda giving you a look like “What do your parents do, exactly?” while she puts away all the blocks that your buddy said he’d put away before he left but never did… just saying that stuff like that sticks with a kid. And not all of them are able to blog out their feelings 13 years later. Anyways.

From what was shown, it looks like Daikichi’s got more than a simple desk job, but certainly isn’t at the top of the corporate totem pole. What does his company even sell? Until proven otherwise, I’m gonna assume he’s part of the Japanese equivalent of a Sports Chalet. Dunno why, but stores like that always seem to make their way into American TV plotlines in one way or another (with a surprisingly small amount of jock strap jokes, no less).

Whatever he does, at the least it looks like he’s doing the best he can as a dad without really coming off like a dad.

Really enjoyed the episode, but I hope the plot picks up at least a little speed. I can’t imagine how such a story would transition from plot point to plot point, but so far the pacing’s fine. Wouldn’t want something like a Death Note-esque plot dump to pop up and kill the mood.


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Gabe (daemoncorps) has been writing about anime and the like since 2005, but has been babysat by it for much longer. He primarily spends his days distracting himself on twitter or writing for Fandom Post until he realizes he has a weekly webcomic (tapastic.com/series/scramblebouquet) to work on. He also just finished writing his first full-length graphic novel about unemployment (https://tapastic.com/episode/293804).

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