Episodic Reviews: Young Justice 10

Okay, so maybe I spoke too soon when I called Young Justice my new episodic review series. Though honestly, the more episodes I watch, the more involved each episode gets. Seriously, it’s reached the point that just trying to summarize single episodes without it eventually being watered down to “this time around, they’re trying to stop bad guy X who’s primarily from the Y comic series.”

Still, I feel the need to at least give a short run-down of my thoughts on episodes 5-9 before hitting up the new episode. To be blunt, a majority of these episodes had some kind of reference to a foreign language (real or fake). Dunno what’s up with the sudden interest, but at least in the case with episode 4, it was obvious even for a non-foreign speaker such as myself that any and all Spanish spoken in the episode was uncharacteristically slow. Y’know… kinda like it wasn’t being spoken by a native speaker. C’mon voice casters—the VA community can’t possibly be that white, can it?

My only other thoughts on the episodes preceding the season break pertains mainly to episode 9. Dude… shipping to the max. It should be expected when your main cast is composed of teens, but still, how things are playing out seems rather two-dimensional in that it’s pretty obvious which pairings we’re supposed to be rooting for. Especially uncharacteristic for the series when you consider how complex all the other character interactions are (read: Red Arrow).

So episode 10: something, something, fictional country that bears a striking resemblance to North and South Korea (with a sly reference to white and green martians for those that actually read into Martian’s Wiki page)… something, something, assassination attempt… ah, bad guys are Lex Luthor, hockey mask guy, mustache guy from Batman Begin, and girl that isn’t the Blue Spirit or a Kyoshi Warrior. Got it.

While I find it interesting that specific dates are being provided for the time span of these episodes, they also tend to be somewhat distracting when you consider that they’re being aired either nine months too late or three months too early. Still, good to know that at least some of the main cast is shown going to school. Though seeing that the school’s tough guy stood up for the geek in the presence of the new tough guy that is Super Boy is kinda strange. If anything, I could see the two either joining forces or (even more realistically) one giant feeling of indifference seen throughout all students in those scenes. Still, strange is interesting and makes for good TV, I guess.

The one big thing I’m left wondering now is that Red Arrow knows damn well just who the mole in the new League is and yet he doesn’t tell anybody. Arrow Alliance? Meh, I’m too lazy to back-check.



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