To the (Past, Present and) Future

[I’ve wanted to go back to my roots of a more personal entry for some time and was aiming for something along the lines of a “sequel” to what I think was one of my more interesting entries two plus years ago. Enjoy it for what you will and if you don’t like it, don’t worry since it won’t be a a regular thing. Semi-annual at best, but not a regular thing.]

Writing on Battle Royale as a first entry of the year just seems downright wrong, and considering the subtitle of this site is “TV, anime, comics… and some real life for flavor,” I figured it’s about time I got to that “real life for flavor” bit… or whatever you call this first-person experience I’ve been going through for 21 years.

Okay, so as the writing of this entry, I am officially 22 hours and 36 minutes into the New Year with approximately 25 hours and 24 minutes to go before break finally ends and I continue my mundane, mundane school life. That should be enough time to reflect on what I’ve done in a sort of “best of” clip episode style, right?

Starting the school year off finally kicked off me actually using a car on a regular basis, which to say the least expands my map to adventure significantly. Though in this case, “adventure” more or less means driving some buddies to lunch or dinner to drown our sorrows after a particularly bad school day. Still, it’s much more entertaining than finding out substitute cable channels for the officially dead to me networks that have been my standbys for as long as I could remember (Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel).

Back when I actually paid attention to how school life was depicted on TV, I’d always see the gang of kids huddled together at some sort of eating establishment. Whether it be the Honker Burger in Doug or Chubby’s in Boy Meets World, there always seemed to be a certain ambiance the place gave off that was different from the school or home setting that allowed everyone to relax andget their troubles off their chests. And while the troubles of your typical college students in real life still aren’t as interesting as those shown on cable (they usually involve less drug use and overall raunchiness, surprisingly enough) I was still surprised that such settings actually existed. On one occasion, the general rain outside and abandoned feeling of a particular Burger King simply screamed “detective story,” though I guess that’s neither here nor there.

While teleportation and robots scheming against their human masters for world domination have yet to become a reality, I will admit that actually taking the time to look back on even the simplest of things has made the present seem that much more “next gen.”

Although cousins being off in school and whatnot have made family gatherings that much more awkward, it was something of a relief to find that Christmas always makes exceptions. Going to such a gathering and actually realizing just how much cousins have grown really make you think. Just ten years ago my cousins, aunt and uncle who just came from the Philippines were living with me an’ the rest of my direct family in a house within walking distance to a Happi House which was the sole establishment keeping the nearby fabric store in business. Now that house has finally moved on to a different family completely (who, might I add, immediately upgraded the crappy garage door alongside giving the front door a new paint job); the surrounding neighborhood’s become as busy as ever, with a Seafood City suddenly bringing all other Asians out of the woodwork; my family’s moved to an encaged (sorry, “gated”) community where we know absolutely none of our neighbors while my cousins live in a completely different neighborhood and have forgotten any ounce of Ilocano they used to fluently speak when they first arrived to the states.

Every year it’s been a tradition of sorts for family gift exchanges to be less than thrilling. You get the Target gift card from the one auntie, the American Eagle gift card from the one uncle, and if they’re daring enough the generic half-off calendar your parents keep because the squares are big enough to fit their various appointments. While part of that still rung true this time around, I was actually surprised to find that the other part of the presents were rather… thoughtful (not that I’m hating on gift cards, but the level of though it had to take to get them over something else… yeah). A graphic tee from the one cousin and a trendy geek tie from the other? It took me a while to process, but I guess we all got old enough that each of our parents should be relying on us more to pick the better gifts for our relatives. I’m writing a self-memo for that next year, I swear.

And while I’m on the topic of the proper amount of parent-reliance I should have right now, I guess it’s a good time to mention the one month the sister and I had the house to ourselves while the parents were on vacation a couple months ago. Again, TV shows have disappointed me, with my sibling adventures resulting in nothing more than making sure the trash is out on Tuesday nights, washing our own dishes and the one occasion of being locked out for a whole hour one unfortunate school night. I guess it wasn’t that bad. Though it does make me think about the sort of man-child-inspired dwellings I’d like to live in. As a start, I’d say: a pinball machine, crappy TV for old-school games, and one of them fancy “space-age technology” mattresses.

In general, the whole concept of taking care of myself is somewhat strange not because I’m not used to it, but because I never think of the things to be in the “taking care of myself” category. Just looking through the fridge and cupboard on a weekly basis for milk and cereal’s become so routine as of late that I tend to forget that considering I’m the sole person that eats Pops brand (or in some cases Cinnamon Toast Crunch if I’m feelin’ fancy) cereal and milk, I’m essentially tending to my own needs and my own needs alone. I never see my parents eat any cereal, though on a somewhat related note I’ve noticed a large increase in bran-themed cereal in the cupboard lately. The same goes for the sheer amount of old-people pills both my parents have to take. I guess even parents get old eventually, too.

… and of course all the fans are eager to know just how I’m dealing in the world of the single. Well I’ll be blunt and admit that while things have gotten significantly more dull, all signs are pointing towards some kind of something in the near future. Seriously, I feel like some sort of alarm’s gone off in everyone’s heads concerning the matter—from parents telling me now of all times about stepping up my game (not as awkward as it reads) and potential players in said game being aware of their enrollment to the team.

Yeah, 2011’s gonna be weird, alright.


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