Eerie Indiana– You Know, the one that wasn’t Are you Afraid of the Dark

Figured I should at least whip up a Halloween post before the month’s out.

Maybe there was something in the water at the time, but for a majority (if not all) of the nineties, the horror genre was crazy popular. And not just in movies with umpteenth sequels of ‘80s movies—we’re talking everywhere. Whether it was Halloween or not, it seemed like there were a good number of TV shows out there trying to bank on the concept. Some titles, like Are you Afraid of the Dark and Tales from the Crypt remain in the minds of casual nostalgics to this day.

But does anyone remember Eerie Indiana?

I guess you could say the series itself was damned from the start, already having a healthy amount of competition within the same genre. But on top of all that, it also had the unfortunate luck of airing on none other than NBC. Seriously, what childhood show do you remember airing on CBS that you actually hardcore followed back in the day? Yeah, I can’t think of one, either.

Bad luck aside, though, the series wasn’t that half bad for what it was.

The series revolves around Marshall Teller, a new kid that’s just moved into the strange little town of Eerie. The series has your standard for the time episodic format, with some kind of oddity going on with none other than Marshall and his sidekick Holmes (okay, “Simon Holmes,” but “Holmes” nonetheless) stuck in the middle of it all. Oddities range from your typical monster type like Bigfoot, to straightup supernatural, involving things like parallel universes—trite, yes, but oh so entertaining.

The series went on in this fashion for their first 13 episodes. Come the arrival of none other than Jason Marsden (aka: Goofy’s Max, Avatar’s Jet, Fairly Oddparent’s Chester, etc.) in the role of the mysterious “Dash X,” however, things start to take on an overarching story. Such a dramatic change in style led to a greater amount of “meh” episodes than previous, the series eventually coming to an end with a fourth-wall-breaking episode, totaling at 19 episodes, one of which was originally not aired (I guess even the nineties draws the line at verbal abuse).

This is usually when I’d insert a quick review of an episode from the series, but being a college student with random lab assignments dumped on you tends to be a downer on more than one occasion, so here’s a quick run through of the episodes from the series to check out first:

– The ATM with a Heart of Gold: A Hal-like ATM starts to get a little too loose with the money it hands out to the locals.
– Heart on a Chain: A spirit is stuck in a chain which turns for the worse when a girl decides to wear it. I dunno why, but this episode reminds me a lot of the movie Suzie Q… minus the pink ranger.
– The Lost Hour: Any TV episode that makes a big deal out of daylight savings time is always worth a look.
– The Broken Record: If you can make an entire episode into a non-preachy verbal abuse PSA, do it.


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