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Back in my freshman year of high school, I remember one of the first (if not the first) titles the anime club showed was FLCL. I entered the room, tip-toeing through backpacks to an empty desk to eat my lunch as the club president in front of the teacher’s computer monitor started up the episode. I ate my sandwich as what I would later learn to be the third episode of the series, “Marquis de Carabas” started up. Quick action scenes featuring guitars and a TV-headed robot flashed on the screen all while narrated by some kid no older than me at that time. While the episode played out, I could overhear the president and his friend talking about the series, discussing how it’s a play on childhood, blah-blah-blah, and how he had some of the CDs from the series, willing to burn some copies for anyone that wanted one. As the beep for the following class sounded off, I packed my things and left, thinking something along the lines of “this has got to be the crappiest artsiest anime title I’ve ever seen.”

Revisiting the series five years later, I will admit that my opinions have varied somewhat from those of my past-self. For one, “Marquis de Carabas” has got to be one of my all-time favorite episodes of the series and in general.

Having just marathoned through The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuumiya last summer, I wondered just what other titles I missed out on and figured FLCL should be first up on the list. Similar to Haruhi, explaining the general plot of the series is difficult as all heck in that it’s one of those series that doesn’t exactly focus on the plot itself, but rather all the subtexty crap going on in the background. So, I’ll just say that it’s a definite watch as long as you’re fully aware of what to expect (er, I guess “not expect”).

Getting into the series rather late, I was pretty disappointed to have not thrived in all the cultural impact stuffages going on with the show, ranging from Lord Canti figures to the show’s band, The Pillows, holding a concert in the states. Every couple of months after finally watching the series, I’d look through amazon and eBay to see rip-offs of the series on DVR, with legit out-of-print copies going for way more than six episodes should cost, sad that the show so many people before me has yet to get a re-release in the states… until now.

Be excited.


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